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The Raven is a Legendary brawler whose attack quickly launches three poisoned daggers at their tip those damage enemies on impact and then deal extra damage over time. He has a long range but little health. He moves a little faster than the other brawlers in the game.

In the global release it was renamed Corvo in Portuguese. But many players keep calling it Crow, so it’s up to you which name to use.

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  • Crow’s daggers do little damage on their own, but their poison damage-over-time effect causes Crow’s victims to take double the damage of the initial attack alone.
  • An interesting effect of Crow’s venom is that it prevents the poisoned brawler from recovering for a while, as the venom causes them to take damage for a long time. This can really get in the way of an enemy team’s ability to regroup quickly. Poison damage also causes the brawler to appear in the grass and also prevents poison brawlers from hiding for some time.
  • Crow’s Super is a quick and easy getaway. If you’re low on health and brawlers are approaching, use your Super to fly. The ring of daggers will help to damage opponents in both the fall and the jump.
  • Never use auto-aim to use super attack when low on health. This will launch you dangerously towards the nearest enemy.
  • Crow daggers spread towards the target, so they deal less damage to isolated enemies the further away the enemy is. Get as close to enemies as possible to maximize damage when you can.

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Brawlers are the real stars of Brawl Stars! See here everything about each of the characters in the game, with a complete Wiki of information, from attacks, strategies, attributes, tips on how to play well, shop products and more!

In Brawl Stars, you choose a character, called a Brawler, to battle in any game mode available from the current map rotation. Winning a match earns you trophies to level up and some tokens to open crates and earn rewards.

The Brawl Stars Characters…

Each of the Characters/Brawlers has unique attack characteristics and gameplay. In addition, they also have a super attack ability, which is activated each time you accumulate energy by dealing damage to opponents. To use/unload this super skill, just click on the yellow button that will appear, in the lower right corner, next to the standard shoot joystick.

We currently have 57 Characters available in Brawl Stars, each unlocked through crates by reaching certain trophy goals.

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About Brawl Stars :

Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across various game modes in under three minutes.

Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!

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